Recently I had an interesting predicament with the external of a building to be photographed for publication. The exterior of this building had caught my eye previously with interesting curves and landscaping to complement the St Kilda Road address.

Upon arrival, it was important for me to do a walk around the building during daylight to assess and capture concept images for the client and in turn provide peace of mind as to my suggestion for the ultimate look I felt was the best suited for the later dusk image to be supplied.

As the facade was half occupied by scaffolding due to extensive repairs that were to be carried out over an extended period, it was critical to arm myself with my camera and capture the following possibilities as you can see below from the seven images captured during the walk around.









It became clear to me by the last image that this was going to be the best for the situation, given the circumstances, for the resulting twilight image captured below…


In summing up, remember to:

  • be early or at least on time to shoots
  • walk around your subject
  • asses the best lighting scenario possible
  • ensure the client is satisfied
  • think outside the square
  • plan…


I hope this Blog assists in enhancing your photographic experience.